Naturally planted native trees, under planted by bulbs and surrounded by wild flowers

We are passionate about people; we are passionate about trees.


“It is our job to plant, nurture and expand a wonderful woodland that will survive long after we are all gone which means YOU have created a legacy for future generations to enjoy.  

We don’t plant conifers.

We plant native woodland trees, bulbs, wildflowers and grasses.

Call me if I can help you decide the tree that best suits the occasion” – Bob

A gift like no other...

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An enduring act that will last a lifetime.

Our woodland has

  • 1 Lakeside view
  • 10 Acres of prime land
  • 2,000 Native Irish trees ( so far)
  • 6,000 Native Irish flowering bulbs
  • 10,000 Native Irish honey bees
  • 1.5m Native Irish wildflowers
  • A natural habitat for Herons, Swallows, Bats, Dragonflies, bumblebees, frogs etc.


An enduring act that will last a lifetime.