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Hi there, Bob Hamilton and John Doran here from IrishTrees.ie

We’re on a mission to plant trees and expand and rewild ancient woodlands.

We plant trees not only on our own lakeside land in Naul, Dublin, for Memorial and Celebration Trees, but we have teamed up with Dunsany Castle and Nature Reserve ( Lord Dunsany – Randal Plunkett) to plant trees to create wild, abundant, and biodiverse habitats that will never be harvested as part of Ireland’s largest private rewilding project.

Bob and John of Irish trees at gate with irish Trees and Dunsany sign in wood on black gate with trees in background
Dunsany Nature Reserve and Irish Trees

Dunsany Nature Reserve

We have partnered with Dunsany Nature Reserve to plant trees and forests. We work with both environmentally conscious individuals, and companies all over Ireland, US, UK, and Australia who pledge to plant trees or subscribe to our patronage tree planting program. 

Randal Plunkett ( Formally – Lord Dunsany) is the founder of Dunsany Nature Reserve in county Meath. Dunsany Estate is Ireland’s largest privately owned nature reserve and at present Ireland’s only recognized large-scale rewilding project.

The reserve is home to red deer, foxes, otters, badgers, pine martins, hares and stouts.

750 acres are dedicated to the reintroduction and preservation of native species to the area in county Meath.

What We Do Best

We plant a variety of trees that are native to Ireland. The national tree of Ireland and formerly the most common tree species native to the country is the mighty Oak. This is one of the most sustainable trees as the Oak can live up to 500 years.

The Silken Thomas Yew ( Maynooth College) is believed to be the oldest tree native to Ireland. Experts have estimated this tree to be nearly 800 years old.

Whitethorn (The May Tree) is our most common hedgerow plant. It puts on a stunning display of white flowers in late spring and red berries in Autumn.

We mix plant about 12 Native Irish trees, positioned were they will do best, eg Willow, Alder and Birch in wetter areas. 

Read more about what we plant on our blog.

Irish Trees Planting Naul Dublin

What We Do Matters

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The Impact Of Planting

From the simple act of planting trees, we create a positive knock-on effect on the ecosystem in that area.

Insects, birds, mosses, fungi, and mammals have evolved together with Native Irish trees in Ireland to form fully biodiverse ecosystems.

Broadleaf native deciduous woodlands begin the cycle that creates the habitat that nature needs so badly.

Insects, creatures, and small mammals seek shelter and food in our trees. Deer seek out the undergrowth and stomp seeds into the ground. Fallen leaves will create damp habitats to slow heavy rain and purify the water and protect the soil, fungi will help decompose the fallen leaves and trees to feed the soil.

When everybody decides to plant one tree, a woodland will be created that will naturally create an abundance of life.

Irish Trees Naul Dublin

A Home For The Soul

Bob CEO Irish trees

Irish Urns

Irish Trees was born out of speaking with our Irish Urns customers looking to Plant Memorial Trees. We have been guiding our Irish Urns customers through the difficult process of choosing the right urn for their loved ones.

As part of our award-winning Urns, we work with woodturning crafters, glass-experts and ceramic artisans from around  Ireland to create unique designs and individually hand-crafted Cremation Urns.

Irish Urns Logo

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