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Business Planting Packages

Business tree planting means creating biodiversity and sustainability to reach your green goals. Pledge the planting of Native Irish Trees makes a real and meaningful impact and creates and expands habitats for biodiversity.

Become a Patron of Dunsany with Irish Trees and we will help you meet your organisation’s green goals. The trees you fund will be planted on your behalf or come out and join us at Dunsany Castle and Nature Reserve for a planting day with your team and customers.

We will support you with Marketing Elements, Weblinks, Certification, and Green Tenders.

Have a little listen to Bob Hamilton, Own of Irish Trees, on how we can help benefit your business.

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Why organisations have planted trees with us

We work hand in hand with you to meet your environmental goals through certified planting. As one of the most publicised and largest private rewilding projects in Ireland, Dunsany Nature Reserve and Irish Trees can meet 10 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Our ESG Commitment

The planting of Native Irish Trees creates and expands habitats for biodiversity.

Build a stronger brand image

Expand ESG achievements.

Meet your SDG Goals.

Linked to products / services/ New contracts.

Trees for event delegates.

As a loyalty / renewal gesture.

To recognise your corporate travel emissions.

Demonstrating environmental commitment.

To mark milestone events.

To simply give back to the planet.

Planting Partners & Participants

How we help with your sustainability aims?

We meet 10 of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Expand your ESG – Environmental criteria:

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Protecting biodiversity

Protecting EcoSystems

Reforestation and expansion

Conserving natural resources

Cleaner air and water

Cooler planet

Irish Trees Sustainability Goals
Irish Trees Corporate Sustainability Goals

Be associated as a ‘Patron of Nature’ with Ireland’s largest & most publicised private rewilding project at Dunsany Castle and Nature Reserve.

Your business will support Ireland’s Natural Heritage through woodland expansion to support biodiversity.

You will have partnered with The Irish Enterprise ‘Sustainable Tree Planting Business of the Year 2023’.

The planting of Native Irish Trees creates and expands habitats for biodiversity.

Dunsany castle aerial view

How we support you

We certify the trees we plant on your behalf.

And we invite you and your team to join us in planting.

Why not take part in a memorable Team & Customer day out, and use the occasion to generate content for your social accounts?

Our marketing support can include:

A Tree Planting Patronage Certificate for your Offices

A digital icon for your website footer.

Images to support your P.R. / Social activity.

Written Content to support your P.R. / Social activity.

An article for your Website/ blog/ Linkedin.

Seasonal updates -written and visual content.

Invitation to visit Dunsany Castle and planting for photos.

Make the most of your planting visit.

Take photos with your team to share with your customers.

We meet 10 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

God Health Well-being Eu sustainable goals
Good Health & Wellbeing | SDG #3

Woodlands significantly contribute to health and well-being by providing natural restorative spaces for leisure, education and reflection.
We were original ‘forest people’ as we are at our most tranquil in nature. Planting trees heal the heart and the planet.

“The Irish Trees” is a way of giving back from the heart, creating a legacy of belonging to our heritage, and our land and sharing moments of immersing in nature, which is good for our hearts and minds.

As a way of giving back to people, Irish Trees donate to the Irish Hospice Foundation, LauraLynn Ireland’s Children’s Hospice and Féileacáin, and the Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Association of Ireland

Quality Education EU sustainability goals
Quality Education | SDG #4

Our focus is on empowering the community and developing more inclusive environments through events such as family nature day, corporate away days and community programmes.

By bringing people together in a natural environment, we take the opportunity to raise biodiversity awareness, teach youth the life skills that they’ll need to be global citizens and many ways to celebrate life with nature.

Clean water EU Sustainability goals
Clean Water | SDG #6

Fresh water represents 3% of our planet’s total water. Tree roots rebalance the water cycle.
To keep the balance of the water cycle, rainwater must be absorbed by the soil and not just run off to rivers and the sea: soaking into the soil is how it reaches the water table, our freshwater reserves.

For the water table to be topped up, the soil must be aerated and porous and tree roots do that. Otherwise, the water will be “lost” and just pours away into streams and rivers, creating silt and into the sea or simply lost to evaporation.

Decent word economic growth Eu sustainability goals
Decent work and economic growth | SDG #8

Decent work, employment creation, social protection, rights at work, and social dialogue represent integral elements of Irish Trees philosophy.

The Irish Trees approach is to bring about sustainability by creating a balance in ecological and economical growth, creating opportunities for jobs and careers in a sustainable enterprise.

industry, Innovation and infrastructure EU sustainability goals
Innovation and Infrastructure | SDG #9

Irish Trees is an innovative approach to bring about environmental sustainability through a commercial model, by creating a balance in ecological and economical growth.

Our operations are a hybrid of digital and hands-on activities with tangible results and service availability across the globe.

We use the natural infrastructure of woodlands to create an impactful business. The planting of Native Irish Trees creates and expands habitats for biodiversity.

Sustainable Cities and communities EU goals
Sustainable Communities | SDG #11

Our vision for a sustainable community.
Our work is oriented towards bringing the community together to co-create a natural legacy that everyone can enjoy now and in the years to come.

Our woodland rewilding project at Dunsany Castle is where our clients can see the tangible result of this work while enjoying the clean air, their heritage and the culture of sustainability.

Our connections in the community support education, climate awareness and active participation in sustainable community development.

Responsible consumption and production
Responsible Consumption & Production | SDG #12

Our customer facing processes are completely digital and require zero paperwork.

We maintain strict monitoring on materials usage and prioritise sustainably sourced products. This, coupled with a conscious and responsible operations process allows us to have zero waste.

Our active contribution to thousands of tree plantings per year significantly offsets any carbon impact created by our businesses, making us a Carbon Positive enterprise.

Climate action EU sustainable goals
Climate Action | SDG #13

The core of Irish Trees is in being climate positive, meaning that we go beyond net-zero and actually create an environmental benefit by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The planting of Native Irish Trees creates and expands habitats for biodiversity.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide to grow and while releasing oxygen, they provide 30% of the global temperature solution we need.

Our solution regenerates, recovers and reinforces biodiversity and climate resilience.

Life on Land Eu sustainability Goals
Life on Land | SDG #15

Irish Trees is a universally available solution to maintain the balance of life on land.

By creating the native tree ecosystem, we are protecting the soil from erosion, silting, mitigating floods and contributing to natural water filtration.

The planting of Native Irish Trees creates and expands habitats for biodiversity.

That in turn supports micro organisms, flora and fauna and protects Irish biodiverse habitat and waterways.

Partnerships for Goals Eu sustainable goals
Partnerships for the Goals | SDG #17

Irish Trees works in co-creation with the local community and the Irish diaspora abroad, while actively looking to create a wider network for collaboration.

We connect with active individuals, artists and businesses through the ethos of giving back for a sustainable future.

We offer multiple ways for organisations and individuals to collaborate and develop sustainable impacts through partnerships.

Each tree makes an impact, so whether you fund 10 trees or 1000 trees, it all makes a long-lasting difference.

You are the difference!

Media Clippings – Print and Video – Dunsany Rewilding Project

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