• Trees are the lungs of our Planet, absorbing carbon dioxide to grow!
  • They release oxygen and clean the air we breathe!
  • Trees can provide 30% of the global temperature solution we need!

Do you want to do something to help the planet, but don’t know where to start?

Do you want to put something back or just reduce what you take out?

It is 2032, and you are asked…’What did you do in the 2020s when the world was burning and the ice was melting?’

A) “I hoped someone else would sort it.”
B) “Well for starters, I planted a whole lot of trees…”

If your answer is ‘B’ read on.

If there was a green button is in front of you with the function to plant 100 trees, would you press it?

If you pressed the Green button, then read on:

The Bad News

New Trees, posts, labour, watering, weed management, deer fencing, web hosting, planting days etc need funding.

The Good News

We can buy saplings, millions of them, we can plant, protect and manage them, so we need a Sustainable business model to ensure the trees success into the future.

The Bad News

It will cost you the price of a coffee a week to plant 100 trees over time.

The Good News

You will have created, and experienced, an environmental legacy that will outlive generations!

If you can live with one less coffee, read on and find out the bigger plan.

Where will we change the world?

Dunsany Nature Reserve in County Meath, rewilding 750 acres.

With your support, we are connecting individual woods to create tree corridor habitats.

You can contribute and become part of Ireland’s largest private rewilding biodiversity project.

And if you can, come along, plant Trees, or we will plant them for you.

It is a special place – click here to see it on Google Earth!

Create a legacy you can be proud of
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1.50 Tennis Courts

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If you are not ready to become a patron just yet, but would still like to invest in the environment by funding or Gifting one or more trees, click here.


Trees Mean Business
If you are a business and are looking for ways to a practical impact on the environment...

Trees for Business

Your support is greatly appreciated!

More trees mean cleaner air, cleaner water, and a habitat for insects, animals, and birds.

Each tree makes an impact, so whether you fund 10 trees or 1000 trees, it all makes a long-lasting difference.

During a tree’s lifetime, it will on average absorb 5 Tonnes of CO2

That is the equivalent of 5 hot air balloons full of CO2

You are the difference!