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Reforestation Regeneration

Reforestation stands as a crucial antidote to the detrimental impacts of deforestation – it is the process of replenishing depleted forests and woods, either from natural or artificial causes, mainly as a result of deforestation but also following clearcutting.

Some natural causes of deforestation are drought, climate change and wildfires, while artificial causes can be industrial agriculture, logging, mining and urbanisation.

Forest regeneration is the process of replenishing forest cover by planting young trees, either naturally occurring or intentionally, usually soon after the old forest has been cleared. 

While planting trees is the main goal of reforestation, restoration involves more than simply planting trees. The goal of ecological restoration is to restore an ecosystem’s structure, biodiversity, and overall functionality using an all-encompassing approach. It focuses on restoring the ecological balance and functionality of a damaged environment rather than just replacing trees. The goal is to restore the whole network of life that formerly existed. 

In the past, Ireland had the most forests in all of Europe. Just 11% of the area is covered in trees now, with native forests making up just 2%. 

There are many groups around Ireland working to reforest and rewild their own pieces of land, such as Irish Trees, in collaboration with Dunsany Nature Reserve. 

Irish Trees partnered with Randall Plunkett and Dunsany Castle and Nature Reserve, a man whose passion is nature and rewilding, caretaker of a protected Estate of 1600 acres in existence for 850 years, and a family committed to the protection of nature. It is important to know, and believe, that any Tree planting effort by people and businesses now, would be safe for generations to come.

Irish Trees partnered with Dunsany Nature Reserve to help rewild the grounds of Dunsany Castle. When you subscribe to our monthly tree planting packages, this is where your tree is planted. Since 2014 Lord Dunsany has made it his mission to reintroduce native flora and fauna to the land in a natural and organic way. Most of the woodland is old-growth broadleaf forestry such as oak, beech, elm, redwood and many others such as holly, alder, willow, ash, aspen and whitethorn.

One person planting one tree doesn’t sound like much, but what if everybody planted a tree, what if everyone planted a tree each month, or year, over time an individual will have actually planted a forest that would not exist without their action now!

We provide a second opportunity to species by enabling a variety of habitats, such as scrub, ponds, wetlands, and wooded areas, to re-establish. As we connect these regenerated habitats, rewilding is very much about humans as much as it is about helping animals. Restored natural landscapes provide us with a tranquil location to unwind, an outdoor workout location, an outdoor school for kids to learn, and an opportunity to interact with people. This is essential to our health and wellness.


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