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All Your Questions Answered

Do you accept custom tree planting orders?

Yes, we do.

• Company gifts and recognition.
• Special occasions.
• Adding a company logo to the certificate.
• All occasions / Holidays are catered for including ‘plant a tree’ Certificates to multiple addresses/ email addresses.

Call:    +353 8625 58531   /  +353125 44462

Email:    bob@irishtrees.ie

How to visit a memorial tree

Private visits can be arranged by appointment.

Generally, we try to meet families on Saturday mornings and this can be arranged. Get in touch by phone or email.

Mobile: +353862558531
Office: +35315645070
Toll-Free US/Canada: 18005796858

We would ask that a maximum of 8 people visit and that you give a week or two notice to make sure we are about and have slots for the particular weekend you have in mind.

Our memorial trees are planted in a particular area of the woodland.

We plant trees in memory and in celebration. If you have an occasion in mind that you cannot find here on our website, please reach out and get in touch.

Can I specify what type of tree I want planted?

The types of trees planted are listed and can be selected on the website. All the tree types are native Irish Trees. The location and good conditions of our tree planting are suitable for the 8 species offered. These are considered as the best trees to plant in order to achieve the project’s goals. Silviculturists (scientists who study how to grow trees) decide on the type of tree that will grow best and the best time of year to plant them. The objectives for planting these trees include the reintroduction of tree species that were originally in this particular ecosystem and will improve the resilience and resistance to fire, insects, diseases, and the potential effects of climate change.

When will my tree be planted?

Your tree will be planted at the best suitable planting time for tree species, which is typically November – May. Therefore, depending on when your tree was purchased, there could be a gap of time until it is actually planted, but the Planting Certificate and Sympathy card will be issued within 24 hours. This is being done to ensure the best start for every tree and the long-term survival of the trees. Tree planting in summer can be done but the root systems can find it harder to establish themselves as the ground is dryer and therefore harder. Disturbing a tree in the main growth season can impact on its health and survival.

What are the environmental benefits of planting a memorial tree?

There are several environmental benefits to memorial trees, or planting trees in general. Trees help reverse the effects of climate change. They replace carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases with pure oxygen and help keep our air clean. Planting trees helps to prevent flooding and reduce soil erosion. Trees protect wildlife, providing them with food and shelter.

Every time you plant a tree you help maintain and strengthen our ecosystems and biodiversity. Planting a tree in memory of someone also helps contribute to the future and health of our planet. If you would like to learn more about the environmental benefits of planting trees, please click here.

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