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Business Monthly Subscription

Choose from our monthly subscription plans and become a patron of Dunsany Nature Reserve.

Whether you are an SME or a large global corporation, we will plant trees to match your green targets and budget.

Planting Trees on behalf of your business, employees or customers is a very real and meaningful way to demonstrate your commitment to the environment and the future. This Tree Planting Subscription means that you will be funding the planting of trees every month. As a Patron of Planting the Dunsany Rewilding project, you and your team can pop on the wellies and join us for planting days, as a team-building opportunity or simply leave the planting to us. You will be creating a thriving and biodiverse tree habitat that helps heal the planet. Each tree cleans the air, purifies the water and takes carbon from the skies. A certificate of planting is provided with every subscription plan.

If our pre-made planting subscriptions don’t match your green goals/company budget, get in touch below and we will tailor-make a subscription plan for you.

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All About Your Subscription -

What happens when I subscribe?

  1. You choose the wording for your 'Planting Patron' Certificate.
  2. We confirm your subscription and Certificate wording by immediate email.
  3. We log your Tree commitment.
  4. We buy trees from Irish Certified Tree Nurseries.
  5. We invite you and other patrons to attend planting days and we plant the Trees. (You don’t have to attend planting days as we will plant for you anyway)
  6. We post the personalised Planting Patron Certificate, to your chosen delivery address, and we email you a digital Certificate.
  7. If being arranged as a gift for another, we also post a handmade, handwritten card from you, with the Certificate.
  8. As a 'Planting Patron' you will also receive seasonal updates and videos.

Contact Us

If you have any questions on our Business Monthly Subscription? Just drop us a note here.

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