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We're planting Ireland's future

We plant Memorial Trees at our Lakeside Memorial Woodland.

We also work with individuals and businesses to achieve their green goals.

Expanding and reconnecting ancient woodlands at Dunsany Castle Rewilding project. 

Plant a Tree

Let’s get planting trees

We plant Memorial Trees and Celebration Trees. We plant forests for and with businesses, supporting your ESG & CSR goals.  Help us plant Ireland’s future.

Irish trees Dunsany Nature Reserve Planting days

Monthly Tree Subscriptions

Dunsany Rewilding Project, Co. Meath.

Support the creation of wild and abundant habitats with a monthly Tree-planting commitment.

Become a patron and subscribe to Ireland’s largest rewilding project in Dunsany Nature Reserve, Co.Meath.

Each tree makes an impact, so whether you fund 10 trees or 1000 trees, you will be helping to expand and reconnect ancient and biodiverse woodlands.

Memorial Trees Ireland Irish trees Naul Dublin

Memorial & Celebration

Lakeside Woodland, Naul, Nth. Co. Dublin.

Plant a tree for a loved one

A tree is a beautiful way to show your love in a truly unique and heartfelt way. We have partnered with Irish charities that are close to your heart and ours.

Help heal the heart and the planet.

Business tree planting Dunsany Nature Reserve Meath ireland

 Business Tree Planting

Dunsany Rewilding Project, Co.Meath.

Tree Packages & Subscriptions

Your company can lead the way to a greener Ireland aligned with your ESG and CSR goals and impacts. 

Fund the planting of native trees. Arrange tree Planting days. Show your commitment to the environment and Ireland’s woodlands.

Planting Irish memorial trees two men with spades in front of lake and land rover

Our Story

We don’t just plant trees, we are creating and protecting a safe natural and biodiverse habitat. For Celebration Trees and Memorial Trees, we plant at our own lakeside land in Naul, Co. Dublin.  We have partnered with Irish Charities close to your heart to plant memorial and celebration trees.  We are on a mission to create beautiful ‘forever’ Woodlands. But not just in The Naul.

We have teamed up Randal Plunkett – (Lord Dunsany) at the Dunsany Nature Reserve. Ireland’s largest private rewilding project, spanning 750 acres. We work with both individuals and businesses on their environmental and social goals.

Bringing back beautiful and natural woodlands to Ireland is what we’re all about. If you haven’t noticed, yes, we are passionate about planting trees and creating and expanding natural woodlands. But we can’t do it without your help.

Bob Hamilton  &  John Doran 

We Help You Meet Your Business Environmental Green Goals

We’re here to support you

We meet 10 of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Be associated with supporting Ireland’s largest & most publicised private rewilding project.

Your business will support Ireland’s Natural Heritage through woodland expansion. Show your commitment to the environment and Ireland’s woodlands. Your business can become a Partner Patron of Ireland’s largest private rewilding project at Dunsany Castle and Nature Reserve.

Maybe even bring your team and customers to get their hands dirty, plant some trees, and see the Castle and Ancient Irish Woodlands.

Partner with us, The Irish Enterprise ‘Sustainable Tree Planting Business of the Year 2023’ and let’s make a difference together.

Contact us, we will help with ideas and Marketing support.

Planting Patrons and Participants

Every Tree Counts – The Eternal Truth.

‘It is only committed individuals that have ever made a difference’

The price of one cup of coffee

We plant, protect and manage your trees. We need your help to plant more.

For the cost of a cup of coffee a week you can make a huge difference to the Irish landscape. You will have created an environmental legacy that will outlive generations! Not many can say that!

Our families have worked the land for 100’s of years. We know it’s not just about today or tomorrow, we know have a responsibility to future generations. Restoring the place we call home, Ireland, leaving it better than we found it. Every one of us has that responsibility, but too few doing anything about it. You Can!

Irish Trees Naul planting

We’re Proud of our Awards and Associations

We are Ireland’s 1st member of the Global Rewilding Alliance – Spanning 70 countries.

WINNER – Irish Enterprise Awards – Sustainable Tree Planting Business of the Year 2023 and

Winner – Best Tree Planting Business 2024.

Best Business Tree Planting Organisation 2024
Republic of Ireland Prestige Awards national Winner Irish Trees
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Personalised Certificate

We plant Memorial and Celebration Trees on our beautiful lakeside woodland in The Naul, Co. Dublin. With each tree we plant we provide a personalised digital and printed certificate and accompany that with a handmade, handwritten card with you messgae. Our trees are surrounded by native Irish wildflowers in the Summer and Autumn and flowering bulbs in the Spring. 

Visit our sister company Irish Urns and Memorial Trees to see our range of Irish Crafted Urns and Keepsakes too.

”It gives me great comfort to look at the certificate and think of the Rowan Tree that they both would love so very much.”

Yvonne M, Athlone.

Dunsany Nature Reserve Rewilding Patronage Irish trees planting Ireland

Dunsany Nature Reserve

Expanding Ancient Woodlands with Individuals and Businesses.

Birds flying at Dunsany Meath irish trees

Rewilding Ireland’s Forests

The largest and most publicised private Rewilding project in Ireland, Dunsany Nature Reserve, County Meath, has 750 acres dedicated to rewilding. It is a place of natural beauty, home to an abundance of flora, fauna and fungi.

We have partnered with Lord Dunsany, Randal Plunkett, on our tree planting project to create habitat extensions, so that the current biodiversity has more room to expand and multiply as we reconnect ancient woodlands across this vast reserve.

You can make a difference. Every tree planted matters.

Be part of this amazing project by subscribing to one of our patron plans as an individual or a business.

deer at dunsany woods in trees
Irish Trees Planting Naul Dublin

What Our Customers Say

Trustpilot reviews Irish Trees
Trustpilot reviews Irish Trees

Reviews 79  •  Excellent 4.9

{We will be ordering again! Excellent service. Beautiful bespoke gift packages. Prompt email of certificate and details. Hard copy of certificate and card arrived in the post within 48hrs. Lots of information provided. Could not recommend highly enough Will be ordering again for the next occasion -its the gift that keeps on giving!!
Maya Rose, Ireland.
{Memorial Tree I have ordered a number of Memorial trees for family members and have always been so impressed by the compassionate and thoughtful service from Bob,who always has time for a chat.The memorial trees were always so well received knowing that the memory of there loved ones will continue to live on .
Karen, USA.
{Irish Trees is a top company. You gave me a gift that lives on. I mean it when I say this is a top company! I would like to thank Bob for his approachability & willingness to get my certificate requirements just right. I felt able to ask anything throughout the process, and therefore we got the end product that was in my mind from the start. The planting photos that Bob sent are BEAUTIFUL, it means the world to have an Irish Oak tree growing in Naul, in loving memory of a family member who was born & grew up not too far from Dublin. I fully recommend Irish Trees. If you contact Bob with your certificate request, I am confident you won’t be disappointed.
Ben Ryan, UK.
{Memorial tree - Ordered online and got a lovely phone call from Bob regarding the card to be delivered with the certificate. It was a present for someone, and they were delighted to receive the handwritten card. A lovely personal touch!
Lynn, Ireland.
{An amazing tribute to a life well lived. Since I’m from the States I was so grateful to speak directly with Bob Hamilton while ordering the memorial tree in my dear cousin Tommy’s memory. Bob truly represents the people of Ireland wonderfully with his genuine kindness,caring and compassion…also his wit and professionalism..My cousin was so proud of his Irish heritage…as is the entire family. What better way to keep his memory alive than a tree deeply rooted in Irish soil growing for hundreds of years to come. I look forward to visiting Ireland again, which is near and dear to my heart,and as Bob said,”He’ll take me to see Tommy’s Oak.”Many thanks!
Kathleen Daly, USA.
{Corporate Gifting with Irish Trees. I worked with Irish Trees on a corporate gifting program to plant trees in honour of our most valued customers. I found the entire experience seamless, and our clients received their certs in the post the next day. Bob was very supportive throughout the process, helping us decide on the messaging and options available. I will use Irish Trees again as part of sustainability themed workplace events and initiatives, a fantastic service!
Sam, Ireland.
{Just an amazing company!!!! Just an amazing company! Called and spoke to the owner directly and he was so pleasant and helpful. True gentleman. The recipients of the tree, experienced every emotion, and knowing they can visit their memorial tree made it even more special.
Michelle Collins, California.
{Have used the company before,in May 2021for a memorial tree. Did order by phone, Used online service this time , so easy to manoeuvre. Tuesday evening 31:1:2023, Received email from Bob next day , certificate posted , tree being planted Thursday. Such efficient & personable service, Thank you
{International Women's Day Planting. We are a group of 12 women who work together & decided that for International Women's Day we should celebrate the occasion by giving a nod to Mother Earth. And so we contacted Bob who was absolutely fantastic & accommodated our wishes at short notice! He met with us all, walked and talked with us through everything and we spent a beautiful sunny March morning digging and planting our own individual trees! It was a wonderful experience all round. Thank you very much Bob, and special thanks also to John & Neil for today, and all the fantastic work you do. We had such a memorable day and each of us came away feeling reconnected to nature and we will have to return again soon!
Anita Gill
{I live in Australia, my husband who was Irish passed away, I wanted a memorial tree planted for him, I got in touch with Bob, he was the kindest man, he understood exactly how I was feeling, he even got in touch with my brother in law and invited him to come on the day and help plant the tree, and my certificate arrived just a few days later, Bob went above and beyond his dutie to help me at that sad time in my life.
Wendy Kelly, Australia.

Charity Donation Trees

By planting a Memorial Tree, the person’s memory can live on through a compassionate act that lasts a lifetime and supports the important work our charity partners carry out. 

By choosing a Memorial Tree you can support the Charities that are close to our hearts and yours. Healing the Heart and The Planet.

Irish Hospice Foundation Logo Irish Trees Charity partner
Lauralynn Ireland's Children's Hospice partnered with Irish Trees
Feileacain logo Irish Trees Charity partner
Asthma Society Logo with blue dove and clouds
Heartstone Animal Sanctuary logo with animal profiles on logo

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Places where nature can flourish and trees can grow safely forever, in the company of birds, bats, hedgehogs, badgers, foxes, deer, otters, frogs and 1000’s of insect species bees and fungi.

– Bob Hamilton, Irish Trees.

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deer at dunsany woods in trees

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