When you need to do something, but words just aren't enough.

“When you walk in a forest there is a reason you feel so good, so grounded. We were originally a ‘Forest People’. We are at our most tranquil in nature. “Planting trees both heals the heart and the planet. I think planting at least one tree as a legacy is a wonderful celebration of life” Bob Hamilton – Founder Irish Trees


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A gift like no other...

Memorial Trees – Lakeside Woodland

When you arrange the planting of a Tree, you are doing two things, celebrating life and creating a legacy.

Senders’ and recipients’ feedback is always that it made a difference and forever appreciated.

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Celebration Trees- Lakeside Woodland

Some events in life mean more than a short lived gift or flowers, some things are just bigger, like the birth of a child, a wedding, a Christening, a big birthday.

The planting of a tree to celebrate and recognise that special event may be the best gift you could give.

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Irish Trees at Dunsany castle and Estate
Irish Trees at Dunsany Castle and Estate

Plant a Woodland at our 750-acre Rewilding project at Dunsany Castle and Nature Reserve

Planting trees is an enormous legacy that will truly live on for generations and you will have made the difference you want to happen.

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An enduring act that will last a lifetime.

As well arranging the planting of trees, you are creating and protecting a safe natural habitat

  • 1 square mile of clean lake water
  • 11 Acres of fertile land
  • 3,000 Irish Native Trees
  • 9,000 Irish Native Spring bulbs
  • 20,000 irish honey bees
  • 12,000,000 Irish Native wildflower seeds
  • A place where nature can flourish and trees can grow in the company of
    swallows, bats, pheasant, duck, swans, wrens, hedgehogs, frogs and
    100s of insert species, Butterflies, bumble bees.


An enduring act that will last a lifetime.