Birthday Gift Tree

Planting a tree in someone’s name is the perfect birthday gift, regardless of age. Whether they are 8 years old, 80 years old, or anything in-between, it is an incredibly unique and thoughtful present that will be more appreciated with every passing year.


If you are looking to celebrate someone’s birthday, why not do so in a way that is slightly different and unexpected but also very meaningful and heartfelt. Go beyond the typical, trivial gifts which are all too fleeting and forgettable and give them something that will make a lasting impression, something unlike anything else. Planting a native Irish tree in honour of someone dear to you is a powerful and poignant gesture that will not be soon forgotten.

The trees planted will also provide a vast array of essential benefits to the local environment, helping to keep the air fresh and clean, improve the soil and provide food and shelter to various wildlife.

Planting Process

When you place your order to plant a tree you can choose the type of tree you wish to have planted from a selection of eight native Irish trees.  All the trees are planted on 10 acres of beautiful, picturesque lakeside woodland located in North County Dublin, near the small village of Naul.

We plant three flowering bulbs for each Tree planted, and the c. 2,000 tree woodland is surrounded with 1.5 million wildflowers and pollinated by our 10,000 bees.

The Google Earth position of the tree planted is included in all our official Planting Certificates and the area can be viewed online.

Once the tree has been planted, it will be lovingly and expertly watered and tended to by our caretakers who will ensure it grows to be strong, healthy and long-lasting.


After the purchase has been made, you will be emailed a digital version of the Certificate. We will also post our official planting certificate, which is customised and personalised to match the occasion at checkout, to your chosen delivery address. It will be accompanied by a handwritten card that echoes the sentiment you chose for the Certificate.

You can have as many planting certificates issued as you wish if reasonable.

These personalised, visually-pleasing certificates can be framed and hung, to serve as a handsome reminder of this unique and poignant birthday gift.

Framing Service also available for €32 including The Frame, Mounting, Padded packaging, Tracked postage and same day dispatch.

Click here to see more on Framing

We also provide trees for a number of other occasions such as anniversaries, weddings and the birth of a child and we can create a certificate for any other need, eg a Thank You tree gift, a Retirement tree gift, etc.

Just ask by emailing us on bob@irishtree.ie

To learn more about Irish Trees and what we do, please follow our official Instagram account.


About the Artisan -

Irish Trees

Irish Trees - the ingredients are all native Irish in origin.

1 lake

10 acres

2,000 trees growing to 50,000

6,000 flowering bulbs

10,000 Honey bees

1.5 million wildflowers

All creating a wonderful and undisturbed habitat for wildlife including.

Dragon flies, butterflies, bees, ducks, swans, herons, bats, swallows.

Here is a sample of what some people who have dedicated a tree have said..

My parents were overwhelmed and loved the gesture. Knowing that my late Aunt and Uncle have been memorialised in this way has been incredibly healing for my parents. Can't thank you enough for the service.

John Hyland Dublin

  COVID restrictions in 2020 meant I couldn't attend my Aunt's funeral to support my mother. I desperately wanted to be able to DO something that would ease the pain and loss she was feeling. Planting a memorial oak tree was cathartic for both of us. Knowing my Aunt's memory lives on is something I never thought would be so healing. Could not be happier with the service from Bob.

  Sean H -Swords

  It gives me great comfort to look at the certificate and think of the Rowan Tree that they both would love so very much

  Yvonne M – Athlone

  I absolutely love the Certificate. My mom and sister are as touched as I am! Thank you for sending the 2 extra copies for no extra cost as you know I was more than happy to pay more.  I will spread the word about what you guys are doing because it’s really something special!

Lisa B Arizona USA

That tree made my day. Both of my parents were cremated and have some kind of plaque in Glasnevin that I've never visited as I never thought of them as being there exactly. I now have a place, a picture and a symbol of life and renewal to associate them with. I know they'd like that.

Marcus F – Tipperary

  Thank you so much. This is a wonderful service.

Bernie B - Galway

My sister is going to love this , there will be some tears falling , but also remembering the good times!

  Pauline D – Dublin 8

I just received the Certificate and it is really, really lovely, thank you.

Quite emotional to receive the certificate actually!

Charley S – Wexford

  A little more about our woodland plan and vision.

All trees are Native Irish species.

When planted when about 3-4.5 feet tall.

tree is originally grown from seeds, hand collected and nurtured from Woods across Ireland.

land has been well prepared, ploughed, and tilled so that roots can establish quickly - which encourages up to 5 times faster tree growth versus compacted soil.

We mix-plant a range of fruit, berry, seed, and nut-producing trees.

  Every Tree means the planting of 3 bulbs of bluebell, snowdrop, and daffodil bulbs. All together creating habitat and food for insects and animals.

This is a forever woodland and gently managed to maintain the health of the woodland for decades to come, should a tree ever be damaged it will be replaced.

Bob has reared his grown-up family in the Naul and John's family has farmed the land around the Naul Village for more than 300 years.

CLICK HERE to see a Google Earth 'fly-over' of the location CLICK HERE to see a satellite image of the woodland site CLICK HERE to find out more on Native Irish trees and symbolism. This is a forever woodland and will be gently managed to maintain the health of the woodland for decades to come and should a tree be damaged eg. by storm, it will be replaced.