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Press release -March 2021. Irish Memorial Trees

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Press release -March 2021.                 Irish Memorial Trees

Covid 19 has had a huge impact on people’s lives and none more so that families and friends of families trying to find a way to grieve and offer comfort to those who have lost family during this time.

To offer an alternative way to help people, Dublin Man, Bob Hamilton had expanded his Irish Urns Business to include Irish Memorial Trees.

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Bob Hamilton and John Doran- Irish Memorial Trees

What is a memorial tree?

Arranging a memorial tree with Irish Urns and Memorial trees means that they will plant a tree on your behalf and a hand-made hand-written sympathy card will be sent , along with an A4 personalised and printed Planting Certificate to a member of the grieving family.

Where are these trees planted?

Irish Memorial Trees have a 10-acre peaceful lakeside location in North County Dublin and they mix a range of 8 different native Irish tree types. The favourite being the Irish oak, The Mountain Ash a beautiful flowering and berry covered tree and often the whitethorn, Crab-apple, Holly, Birch, Hazel and Alder are also popular choices.

Bob has a high degree of empathy and his customer skills have him receiving nothing but 5 stars in his many reviews, as he goes above and beyond to help people choose the right tree and the right words for both the Card and the Certificate. Irish memorial trees email a digital certificate to the person ordering and post the Card and certificate to their chosen addressee.

Bob understands death and loss, not just from his own personal experiences,  but also from his related business – Irish Urns and Keepsakes Limited

He offers a truly personal service and feedback on his Irish Memorial Trees have been amazing, not just from the buyers of the service but from the family members receiving the Certificate and Card. They are deeply touched by such an enduring and thoughtful act.

%Irish Trees Planting Dunsany Rewilding Project memorial trees %
Press release -March 2021. Irish Memorial Trees 1

Irish Memorial trees and the Irish Hospice foundation recently announced a partnership that also allows people to plant and dedicate a tree while also donating to a cause that is so needed right now more than ever.

Bob would love to be able to let people know that this service exists and is keen to expand on the positive benefits and impact of this service, not just to the sender or receiver but also on the environment and the legacy of those lost.

Bob and John Chatting at Landrover with dog at irish trees
Bob and John Chatting at Landrover with dog at irish trees
Irish Trees Planting Naul Dublin

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