Ireland is a special place. Being Irish, whether 1% or 100% in heart or body, it is a special thing. It’s just in your soul. It’s how you live. It’s how you relate to others. Being Irish is deeper than a flag or location. It’s in who you are, how you live, proud, strong and kind!

Bob Hamilton - CEO Irish Urns & Keepsakes

The Story of Irish Trees

Irish Trees was founded by native Dublin man, Bob Hamilton. The first business Bob founded was Irish Urns, which offered handcrafted, Celtic-inspired cremation urns to people of Irish heritage all across the world.

This unique, intimate service required deep levels of compassion and understanding on Bob’s part, as he helped people during a very painful and personal time. As time passed, Bob quickly gained a very distinct and insightful perspective on loss, suffering and people’s experiences as they grapple with grief.

Bob spent much time wondering how else he could alleviate people’s anguish and help them process the pain of their loss. He heard from many of his customers in the US that they had either planted a memorial tree in honour of their lost loved one or planned to in the future.

After doing some research and learning how popular an idea this was, Bob quickly discovered that the act of planting a memorial tree was not so easily achievable in Ireland. There were almost no places dedicated to planting memorial trees in Ireland and there were certainly none with the natural scenic beauty befitting such a poignant service.

With all this in mind, Bob set about finding the best possible location to plant trees in memory of those who have passed. He soon found ten acres of lush lakeside woodland, vibrant, untouched and teeming with unbridled nature.

Located in the very heart of Ireland in north Co. Dublin (close to the little village of Naul), Bob knew this serene and stunning stretch of land, nestled by a glistening lake, was the perfect place.  Such a profound, meaningful tribute in such a tranquil, beautiful environment would help people let go of some of the pain and sorrow that comes with losing a loved one.




And just like that, Irish Trees was born. That same land is now a flourishing lakeside wood, with over 2000 native Irish trees planted and 1.5 million wildflowers thriving and blossoming. It is also rich with an abundance of wildlife, from birds, bees and butterflies drifting in the air to swans, ducks and herons gliding on the lake.

The knowledge that a tree has been planted in the gorgeous Irish countryside in the name of their loved one has brought solace and peace to so many grieving individuals.

wildflowers at the lake at irish trees

In time, however, Bob was repeatedly asked if trees could be planted in honour of a loved one for reasons other than their passing. Consequently, Bob began to plant trees to mark the happy occasions in people’s lives. This included planting trees to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, the birth of a baby and as a means of saying thank you and simply expressing love and gratitude to people.

In addition to this, Bob has since partnered with a number of noble charity organisations. This means that people have the option of planting a tree and donating to a worthy cause simultaneously.

We believe there is no gift more healing, expressive or heartfelt than the planting of a native Irish tree in the breath-taking scenery of Ireland. Whether you wish to plant a tree in memory or in celebration, we are here to both help heal your heart in times of sorrow and express your love for those most important in your life.

Lake view of irish memorial trees location