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Irish Trees History and Tradition, Superstition and Spiritualism

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Irish Trees History, Tradition, Superstition and Spiritualism 

From the early Ogham alphabet, also known as the Tree Alphabet, to the tradition of putting the leaves of the Irish holly tree inside of one’s home to protect fairies, trees have been a staple in Irish storytelling.  

One of the most significant Irish trees in Irish Trees History and Tradition has been the oak tree. 

Because the Irish oak tree has represented strength and height it has association with Taranis, the Celtic god of thunder and lightning. 

Trefuilngid Tre-eochair

Another Celtic deity that is associated with the Irish oak tree is Trefuilngid Tre-eochair.  

Tre-eochair was a towering man who, on the day of Christ’s crucifixion, arrived at Tara, in County Meath (the royal county). He brought with him a branch that grew apples, acorns, and hazelnuts.

He asked the High King to bring together the 14 wisest men in Ireland who were chosen to learn all wisdom from the Irish tree seeds.  

Fintan, the wisest of all, planted each of the seeds in various parts of Ireland.

Ireland’s 5 Sacred Trees

One Irish tree was planted in County Meath. A tree was planted in County Carlow. One was planted in County Westmeath. Another was planted in County Kildare. The last was planted right in the center of Ireland, also known as Uisneach

The Irish trees from these seeds are known as Ireland’s 5 sacred trees.  

The first Irish tree is the Eó Mugna, an oak that produced fruit from many different trees. This Irish tree was thought to have descended from the original Tree of Knowledge. 

This Irish tree also grew the apples, acorns, and hazelnuts that was featured on the branch brought by Trefuilngid Tre-eochair. 

The other sacred trees were Tortan, Eó Ruis, Craeb Daithí, and Craeb Uisnig. Three of these trees were Ash and Eó Ruis was Yew.  

The placement of each of these Irish trees is important, aside from being placed in each province of Ireland. The Eó Mugna’s position meant that it grew tall over the River Shannon.  

In the Underworld, it is also said to have been touched by Connla’s Well. This well is known for inducing inspiration and knowledge.  

Superstition and History

Each of the five Irish trees is also associated with a different trait. 

The Irish oak tree is associated with inspiration and knowledge. Tortan is associated with magic and witchcraft. Eó Ruis is associated with death, destruction, and rebirth. Craeb Uisnig is associated with strife.  

Irish oak trees are also associated with many historical events. 

Tree groves, especially oak trees, have been used as places of worship and battle. 

Historically, Irish oak trees have also been essential in the Irish way of life. They provided shelter, fuel, building materials, and habitats that supported wildlife as a food supply.  

Irish oak trees integrate themselves into Irish culture also by acting as the stem of the names of many Irish towns. These include Kildare and Derry as Dair is the Irish root word for oak.  

With all of the impact oak trees have had on Irish folklore and history make your own mark with an oak tree by planting one in memoriam of a loved one, for a birthday, anniversary, birth of a child, wedding, or other special occasion through Irish Trees.  

Researched, Written, Edited, Posted by Maddie Michel

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