Examples of how businesses utilise tree planting.

Why organisations have planted trees

To build a stronger brand image.

To expand ESG achievements.

To meet SDG Goals.

Linked to products and services.

Trees for event delegates.

As a loyalty gesture.

Planting trees for executive travel.

Demonstrating environmental commitment.

To mark milestone events.

To simply give back to the planet.

How we help with your sustainability aims?

We meet 10 of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Expand your ESG – Environmental criteria:

Protecting biodiversity
Protecting EcoSystems
Eliminating deforestation
Conserving natural resources
Cleaner air
Cooler planet

Be associated with supporting Ireland’s largest & most publicised private rewilding project.

Your business will support Ireland’s Natural Heritage through woodland expansion.

You will have partnered with The Irish Enterprise ‘Sustainable Tree Planting Business of the Year 2023’.

See our location on Google Earth – Click Here.

How we support you.

Our marketing support can include:

A digital icon for your website footer.

A link from our website to yours.

A Tree Planting Patronage Certificate for your Offices

Images to support your P.R. / Social activity.

Written Content to support your P.R. / Social activity.

An article for your Website/ blog/ Linkedin.

Seasonal updates -written and visual content.

Invitation to visit Dunsany Castle and planting for photos.

Your company can lead the way to a greener Ireland.

Pledge and fund the planting of native trees to heal the planet and create habitats for biodiversity.

Add to your SDG / ESG credentials.

The trees you fund will be planted on your behalf or come out and join us for a planting day with colleagues and customers.

We will support you with Marketing Elements, Weblinks, Certification, and Green Tenders.

No Contracts – you will stay with us because of how we serve your requirements.

IrishTrees.ie – EU Business -Irish Enterprise Awards winner – Most Sustainable Tree Planting Business 2023

How many trees do you want to fund - Email or call us to discuss options.

(Starting from €12 per tree) Contact us for different numbers

We meet 10 of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Your support is greatly appreciated!

More trees mean cleaner air, cleaner water, and a habitat for insects, animals and birds.

Each tree makes an impact, so whether you fund 10 trees or 1000 trees, it all makes a long-lasting difference.

You are the difference!