Why plant and gift a tree and why Irish trees

All our Woodland ingredients are native Irish


  • Trees are grown from native Irish seeds and planted at 3-4 feet high.
  • Our flowering bulbs are native Irish stock.
  • The wildflowers are native Irish pollinator mixes, for Native Irish inserts.
  • The Irish tree’s Bee colony is also native Irish Bee stock.


We are developing a truly native woodland habitat and your tree will form part of that vision…forever.

Bob Hamilton –Founder- Irish Tree

Why plant a tree?


Planting a Tree isn’t just a meaningful way to show you love and thoughtfulness but Planting trees has a myriad of significant benefits for the environment.

By their very nature, trees serve to both cleanse and protect the environment from harmful substances and activities as they slowly help to repair the damage foolishly inflicted onto the environment by mankind.

It is not inaccurate to think of planting a tree as akin to opening a window in a room full of thick dark smoke.

The woodlands of Ireland are our greatest and most effective natural asset in detoxifying our air and lands.

Therefore, few things are as crucial to maintaining and improving the health of our environment as planting trees.

First and foremost, planting trees helps to slow down and combat the devastating effects of climate change.

remove carbon dioxide from the air and replace it with clean, pure oxygen.

Trees absorb carbon and store it within their trunk, branches, and leaves in a process known as sequestering.

As long as a tree lives, and trees can live for many decades and even centuries, the carbon remains trapped within.

Planting trees in Ireland is also imperative to maintaining the natural balance of the environment and its inhabitants.

Simply put, birds and animals need trees in order to survive and the native Irish trees found throughout our woodlands are the most critical component of protecting and preserving our wildlife.

Trees act as a limitless source of shelter and sustenance for countless woodland creatures.

and their undergrowth provide an abundance of food for various wildlife while also providing them with natural habitat.

cover and shade supplied by the canopies of leaves and foliage protects small animals from harsh conditions and predators, both animal and human.

Our environment would be greatly damaged by the absence of all the animals who depend on the trees of Ireland, which is why we must conserve and expand the environments in which they thrive.

Every time you gift a tree in honour or celebration of someone, you are also providing a home and food source to the many animals inhabiting the woodlands of Ireland.

There are no conceivable negatives to planting trees in Ireland but there are countless positives.

Nature-based solutions, such as planting trees, are consistently found to be the most effective in the fight against climate change and it is something to which you can easily contribute.

Gifting a tree is also an invaluable gift to the future of our precious planet.

It serves a dual purpose of remembering those who have passed and considering the health and happiness of generations to come.

Planting trees is the best weapon we have at our disposal in tackling the climate crisis and saving our environment.