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Become a patron and subscribe to Ireland’s largest rewilding project in Dunsany Nature Reserve, Co.Meath.

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Memorial Trees

A tree is a beautiful way to show your love in a truly unique and heartfelt way. We have partnered with Irish charities that are close to your heart and ours.

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Celebration Trees

A unique way to celebrate the landmarks in our lives. Whether its an anniversary, wedding, birthday, or graduation we have a tree for every occasion.

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All Your Questions Answered

While most questions are answered somewhere on our website, below are the answers to some of our most asked questions in relation to tree planting, tree gifts and memorial trees. If you have any other questions or need more information about any of our tree-planting services, please don’t hesitate to contact us –

Mobile: +353862558531
Office: +35315645070
Toll-Free US/Canada: 18005796858

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, the Personalized certificate for your tree gift can be sent anywhere in the world, along with the handwritten, handmade Irish sympathy card.

Please make sure the international address is complete and accurate when entered into the order form.

There is NO extra charge to mail the Certificate and Card internationally.

Of course, our digital Planting Certificate is also emailed within 24 hours of the order being received. Let us know if you would like the digital Certificate emailed to somebody other than, or as well as, yourself. You can do this in the ‘Order notes’ when checking out.

Can I virtually visit my tree?

Yes! Google Earth allows one to view the general area of the Irish tree planting site using a personal computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Instructions for obtaining the map links are provided with the certificate package.

Here is a Link to a 360 Aerial view: https://earth.google.com/web/@53.57723665,-6.27656827,92.3372025a,274.9742874d,35y,-51.36084856h,60t,0r/data=KAI

Can I visit my tree?

Private visits can be arranged by appointment.

Generally, we try to meet families on Saturday mornings and this can be arranged. Get in touch by phone or email.

Mobile: +353862558531
Office: +35315645070
Toll-Free US/Canada: 18005796858

We would ask that a maximum of 8 people visit and that you give a week or two notice to make sure we are about and have slots for the particular weekend you have in mind.

Our memorial trees are planted in a particular area of the woodland.

We plant trees in memory and in celebration. If you have an occasion in mind that you cannot find here on our website, please reach out and get in touch.

We plant trees in an area where human traffic is close to zero, other than planting and woodland maintenance. This is so that trees have a better chance to take root and prosper, yielding a greater benefit to all.

Our Rationale explained. The Trees are planted on Lakeside land on a working farm. We would love it to be an open park or amenity, but all visits need to be by appointment and guided.

Why only by appointment?

Our simple philosophy is to create a native and natural woodland, leave the trees to grow undisturbed, as much as possible, but we plant, stake, water, weed, and feed as they establish.

We also plant flowering bulbs and wildflowers. The trees and land are set aside forever and never harvested.

Our proposition is to provide people with an affordable, thoughtful gesture that is significantly more enduring than just a card of flowers while contributing to the environment.

To offer an open park/woodland the pricing would need to then reflect the costs associated with Public Liability Insurance (and for that a full-time attendant), Local authority Rates, hard paths, car parks, toilet blocks etc. You can probably imagine, these considerations would significantly increase what we would need to price per tree, and that would make our proposition unaffordable for too many.

We are regularly, if not daily, contacted by recipients of Tree Planting Certificates, who deeply appreciate what has been arranged for them, particularly the thoughtfulness of the act, and they contact us to reaffirm what we do and that it does make a difference..

We do hope you understand our rationale ( ie. we are not being awkward) and hope we have given you enough information to help you make a decision.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is included.

How long does it take for the Certificate to issued?

If ordered before noon (Irish time), the Planting Certificate will issue the same day, or the next business day if ordered in the afternoon.

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