Tree Planting – Copse Monthly Subscription


This Tree Planting – Copse Monthly Subscription, means that you will be funding the planting of a tree every month.

As a 'Patron of Planting' the Dunsany Rewilding project, you can join us for planting days, or simply leave the planting to us, either way you will have created a thriving and biodiverse Tree Habitat that helps heal the planet.

Each tree cleaning the air, purifying the water and taking carbon from the skies.

Expanding the Eco systems of plants and creatures from bacteria, fungi, insects, moths, butterflies, birds, bees, bats, foxes, badgers, deer to rabbits.

Our planting is focussed on this rewilded Eco system at Dunsany Estate is Ireland's largest privately owned nature reserve and at present Ireland's only recognized large scale rewilding project with 750 acres given back to nature by Lord Dunsany.

If you want to see more about the Dunsany Rewilding project just click here to watch a recent video.

What happens when I subscribe?

1. You choose the wording for your 'Planting Patron' Certificate at CHECKOUT.

2. We confirm your subscription and Certificate wording by immediate email.

3. We log your Tree commitment.

4. We buys trees from Irish Certified Tree Nurseries.

5. We invite you and other patrons to attend planting days and we plant the Trees. (You don’t have to attend planting days as we will plant for you anyway)

6. We post the personalised Planting Patron Certificate, to your chosen delivery address, and we email you a digital Certificate.

7. If being arranged as a gift for another, we also post a handmade, handwritten card from you, with the Certificate.

8. As a 'Planting Patron' you will also received seasonal updates and videos.

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Be the difference, tree the difference, see the difference

What is the difference in real numbers? :

When you subscribe to 12 trees a year -120 trees in 10 years, over the next 50 years you will have made the following happen:

• Stored 13 tonnes of carbon

• Produced 35 Tonnes of Oxygen - Think 35 hot air balloons full of pure oxygen

• Provided enough oxygen for 38,000 to breathe

• Stopped 700,000 gallons of water from evaporating

• Cooled the Planet. To the equivalent impact of running 7 air conditioners, on full tilt, for 10 years, with no energy consumption, as the trees don’t need petrol or electricity!!

It is also worth recognising that supporting the Rewilding and Tree planting at Dunsany you are helping to protect the already 500 acres of woodland

• Removing 565 tonnes of carbon dioxide each and every year

• Removing 28,500 Tonnes of CO2 over 50 years.

Now you have made that happen!

Irish trees work with Dunsany Estate (Co. Meath), to focus on developing nature's production and acceleration of the 7-year rewilding project, Ireland's largest private rewilding area.

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Since 2014 Lord Dunsany has made it his mission to reintroduce native flora and fauna to the land in a natural and organic way.

Of the 1700-acre estate – some 950 acres of tillage farmland is rented to local farmers and the remaining 750 acres are dedicated to the nature reserve.

There are 500 acres of mature woodland on the Estate, most of which is old-growth broadleaf forestry such as oak, beech, elm and redwood.

A lot of the deadwood in the woodland is left to decay naturally, acting as a crucial habitat for various insects and fungi.

There are natural meadows containing diverse grasses and wildflowers. Randal has continuously planted trees and native hedgerows on the land.

Since its inception, Randal has taken immense pleasure in witnessing the return of a vast array of wildlife to the reserve.

Numerous birds have returned to the land, many of whom have not been recorded in the area for a long time.

Among the bird species are red kites, woodpeckers, barn owls, long-eared owls, herons, jay birds, and sparrowhawks.

The reserve is also home to red deer, foxes, otters, badgers, pine martins, hares, and stoats.

Randal has been working with Bee Conservation Ireland and the plan is to introduce hives of native Irish black bees to the reserve.

Randal is also working with various institutions to conduct research on the flora and fauna of the land.

He is passionate about sharing his rewilding experience and inspiring others to undertake their own rewilding venture, no matter how big or small.

Courtesy of Farming for Nature.

Lord Dunsany, Randal Plunkett says "Dunsany has a 950-year history and 1000s of years of a future, but not as a well mown Castle estate but as a true natural landscape. A landscape filled with Plants, trees, Inserts birds and mammals"

To date all our efforts have been self-funded, planting trees where we could. We needed a collaborator that shared our values, with a reputation for integrity and we found that with Irish Trees and its founder, Bob Hamilton”

Randal continued “ Nature isn’t free, nature’s future depends on the creation of Eco business, creating commerce that nurtures the environment… without taking from it.

Irish Trees ( https://irishtrees.ie) currently offers friends and families Memorial and Celebratory Tree planting as a thoughtful alternative to Flowers or sympathy cards but has been constantly asked to plant trees for the sake of the environment by so many customers and businesses that they explored options to do this, but needed just the right partner.

It founder – Bob Hamilton says ”We found the right partner in Randal and Dunsany, a man whose passion is nature and rewilding, caretaker of a protected Estate of nearly 2000 acres in existence for close to 1000 years, and a family committed to the protection of nature for 1000 years more.

Bob continued… “We needed to know, and believe, that any mass Tree planting effort by people now, would be safe for generations to come.”

“We want to encourage individuals, families, and businesses to plant trees on the estate, never to be harvested, but of course supported in the early years and then left to contribute to the rewilding of the estate over hundreds more years”, says Randal.

“Randal Plunkett Earl of Dunsany says, “Each of us are only taking our turn on this planet, how we live and more importantly what we do… is our legacy, there are only a few actions that any one individual can take that will carry into the future for 100s of year. Planting a Tree is one of them!”

“We need to invest back into the planet, investing in trees for people yet to be born, and the nature that will surround them. It feels good to plant a tree, to have done at least that one thing to give back to the planet” Says Bob

Bob is passionate about the impact of one “One person, planting one tree, it doesn’t sound like much, but what if everybody planted a tree, what if everyone planted a tree each month, or year, over time an individual will have actually planted a forest that would not exist without their action now!”

“So don’t ask – ‘What can I do about the planet?’ Plant a tree with us or in your own garden, just plant a tree!”

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