Biodiversity under attack

The good news is that we ( You and us) are doing something very positive that will help create a safe place for biodiversity to thrive – creating new biodiverse woodlands so our supported and protected areas do not allow for biodiversity under attack. But, best we remember why we need to do it quickly. Here are some current facts that will reinforce why we do what we do ( You and us!)

Butterfly on Buddleia planted by irish trees
Butterfly on Buddleia planted by Irish trees


Biodiversity under attack

About one million ( creatures, plants and Fungi) species face the threat of extinction

·       Over 50 yrs, a 68% average decline in the population numbers of mammals, birds.

·       At least 680 species have gone extinct since the 1500’s

·       Extinction threatens more than 40% of amphibians

·       By 2022, more than 9% of all breeds of mammals used for food had gone extinct.

·       1,000 more other species are under pressure to survive

·       Our activities are overusing the planet’s bio-capacity by about 56%

·       The planet lost 100 million hectares of tropical forest from over twenty years!

·       Climate change poses a threat to over 4161 species

·       Around 1 in 10 insect species are facing extinction

·       The population size of creatures living in lakes, rivers – has declined by 83% since 1970

·       90% of Ireland’s habitats have ‘bad’ or ‘inadequate’ status

·       35 of Ireland’s 100 bee species are threatened with extinction

·       Butterfly populations have declined by 6% in the last 14 years

·       Hedgerow Surveys show that just 33% are in good condition for wildlife

·       66% of Ireland 200+ 202 birds are on the Lists of Birds of Conservation Concern

·       The Curlew has declined a massive 96% since the 1970s

·       Of the 1,000 plant species in Ireland, 10% are threatened with extinction

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